A new cat

We are now a two-cat household:

That’s Jasmine in front, with Mingus on the chair.

Jo-anne and I now spend most of our time trying to figure out which cat is which.

8 thoughts on “A new cat”

  1. What a lovely duo!

    We had two black cats at the same time for a number of years, Riley and Solomon. Conversations went like this: “Hey Ril…no So…no Riley, come here”.

    Actually, we still have conversations like that, but it’s because there are just too many darn animals (6!) in the house and it’s hard to keep them all straight (“Hey So..Gra…Hei…I mean Jai…AUGH. YOU, come here!!!”).

  2. When I first began blogging I read somewhere that there were three hard and fast rules for bloggers. I can’t remember the first two, but the third was “never write about your cat.” So whenever I do write about my cat, I feel as if I’m committing a crime. I once published a picture of my cat perched on a mason bee condo because I could legitimately plug the word “bee” into the caption.

    So now Alex, who I consider the epitome of bloggers–the blogger to whom all others must aspire–posts a picture of his cats. Just cats, mind you. Not a hint of some six-legged creature anywhere. What is the blogosphere coming to? Or can I take this as permission? Am I now allowed to write about my cats?

    1. Beautiful felines Alex! Ahhhh! Cats and bee lovers! They just don’t mix, but we do keep getting them. I’ve got a 1 yr old kitten – of which I haven’t blogged yet – who is intent on chasing away all bees coming to my garden. I cannot wait for her to get stung so that she starts to get scared or at least respectful of bees. I must confess I even use her as a bee-detecting device, as her hearing and sight is much better than my poor human senses and she turns her head toward oncoming bees really fast! Well, I think that I have got a legitimate excuse to blog about my cat. I might do actually…

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