Submit your images to the 2012 ESA calendar!

This just in from the Entomological Society of America:

ESA is looking for the best insect photos to grace our 2012 World of Insects Calendar. Anyone can submit photos for the calendar — you do not have to be an ESA member.

Photos should be of the highest aesthetic and technical quality. Photographs for the calendar will be selected by the ESA Presidential Committee on the World of Insects Calendar. The requirements for submission of photos are:

  1. JPG format (between 1000 and 2000 pixels wide);
  2. Common or scientific name must be included in each filename;
  3. All photographs must be horizontal and rectangular (vertical and square photos will not be accepted);
  4. A maximum of eight (8) photographs may be submitted by a single photographer (more than 8 submissions will disqualify all photographer’s entries); and
  5. Submissions must be e-mailed to ESA headquarters ( by close of business on May 16, 2011.

I’m told that copyright remains with the photographer.

The ESA annual calendar ends up in the hands of thousands of entomologists around the world. I’ve had them on my own wall for years. It’s a great way to reach a large audience with your favorite bug photographs.

4 thoughts on “Submit your images to the 2012 ESA calendar!”

  1. I have submitted some ant photos in recent years but didn’t get in the calendar. This is terrible since there are NO ant pictures in the last two years, at least. Some of you great photographers please submit your amazing ant photos — we need you!

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