Insect Wallpaper

Some 1680 x 1050 decoration to un-debug your desktop (click to enlarge):

Phidippus – jumping spider

Scaphinotus petersi

Gigantiops desctructor

Paraponera clavata – bullet ant

Atta cephalotes – leafcutter ants

Eciton hamatum – army ants

Apis mellifera – honey bee

Ectatomma tuberculatum


Bed bug – Cimex lectularius

Belostoma – giant water bug

Eciton rapax – army ant

Apioscelis – jumping stick

Eciton burchellii – army ants

Calosoma scrutator – fiery searcher beetle

Monomorium minimum

Acromyrmex – leafcutter ant

Robber fly (Asilidae)

Honey bees – Apis mellifera

Cephalotes varians – turtle ant

Bombus – bumble bee

Polyrhachis – spiny ant

Gibbifer californicus – pleasing fungus beetle

Dinoponera australis

Harpegnathos saltator – jumping ant

Pseudomyrmex spinicola – acacia ants

40 thoughts on “Insect Wallpaper”

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  2. What the heck is that stick-like one (#11)? Do you have a species name for it? Cartooniest lookin’ real life critter I’ve seen in ages.

    These are all gorgeous shots, btw, and you are wonderful for sharing them, but surely that goes without saying. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry but i’m not a entomologist, so i’m doing a very silly question:
    what is the specie of the #15 photo.
    I think this photo is awesome and i want to modify and adapt for my persona of Firefox!

  4. Fantastic! I’m struggling to decide which to use, though. Might just have to put them all on rotation for a couple of weeks before I settle on one!

    1. I’m on a mac as well, and now have a reason to use the feature for the first time in years. Nice shots, Mr. Wild!

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  8. Awesome photography ! The huge zoom-in on each ant forces you to look at it as an individual living creature and not as a part of a huge colony. Looking at those amazing creatures on my desktop makes me love them more every day.
    Alex Thanks,

  9. I found a bug at the store that l work. Can’t seem to find a picture anywhere on the internet. Could some one please help figer what it might be.

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