Phil Ward on Diptera Phylogeny and Creationism

Phil Ward- ant taxonomist extraordinaire- has a guest post over at Jerry Coyne’s blog addressing a misguided creationist press release:

The Wiegmann et al. paper is the most comprehensive study to date on the evolutionary history of two-winged flies or Diptera. It provides a well supported “backbone” phylogeny of this large and diverse group of insects, based on analysis of a newly generated and quite substantial molecular data set. I think that any insect systematist would consider this a very significant contribution to the field. The criticisms and distortions of the study by the Creation Research Institute (CRI) are laughable and are hardly worthy of serious consideration—except that they will be taken seriously by some misguided souls.

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5 thoughts on “Phil Ward on Diptera Phylogeny and Creationism”

  1. When I got wind of that ICR article, my blood began to boil. How great is it that Jerry Coyne and Phil Ward team up to calmly and clearly state what I felt like flying into a rage about?

    1. Dito! I didn’t reply originally because it felt like such a waste of time. I appreciate Phil’s doing such a great job. It is obvious that creationists have no concept of what real intellectual work is about.

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