Friday Beetle Blogging: A Pleasing Fungus Beetle

A pleasing fungus beetle (Erotylidae)

I photographed this pleasingly spotted erotylid beetle at the Jatun Sacha reserve in Amazonian Ecuador. Do any of you coleopterous readers recognize the genus/species? I’ve not had the time to properly ID it.

Incidentally. Bright colors like these? You’re better off not eating this one.

7 thoughts on “Friday Beetle Blogging: A Pleasing Fungus Beetle”

    1. Thanks, James.

      I must say I am rather proud of the Myrmecos readership. I post an ID request and a leading expert on the taxonomy of the group shows up to provide an answer!

  1. Alex

    I love when you & your readers go off and talk in a foreign language (Scientific Names).

    I can remember Jo-anne coming home from University and rolling off the Latin scientific names as it was a second language to her.

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