Sunday Night Movie: This guy is nuts

From the Discovery Channel’s “venom hunter”, Steve Blackshall participates in an Amazonian coming-of-age ritual involving bullet ants:

8 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: This guy is nuts”

  1. Roberto Keller

    The name of the ritual translate into English something like “Hey, lets prank this guy for a change”.

  2. I was wondering if he was going to break down and cry at some point and I wasn’t disappointed! I’ve seen this done to several people on several different nature/anthro shows and it looks absolutely terrible.

  3. Ok, I’m really glad that I did NOT listen to the little voice in my head that said “You should pick that bullet ant up and find out how much it *really* hurts.”

    That little voice is really a dumb shit sometimes.

  4. I literally felt like I was going to go sick with pain myself, but now at least I can’t complain when I’m forced to pull an all-nighter with Hamlet…

    What happens to these ants when the ritual is done?

  5. “You’re the Venom Hunter, Steve… Let’s go dancing, Steve. Let’s go dancing.”
    For some reason – this was LOLsy.

    Personally, I draw the line at the little Pseudomyrmex experiment I once did.

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