Social Spiders

Sometimes I’m glad not to be a grasshopper:

Anelosimus sp. social spiders (Ecuador)

Nothing freaks out the arachnophobe in me more than social spiders. One of the more common arachnids in tropical forests, these spiders spin communal webs with hundreds or thousands of individuals.

Anelosimus, up close

photo details:
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens
Canon EOS 7D
(top) ISO 400 f/11 1/250 sec
(bottom) ISO 200 f/14 1/250 sec
off-camera strobe

(middle)Tamron 11-18mm wide angle zoom
ISO 800 f/7 1/25 sec

12 thoughts on “Social Spiders”

      1. LOL

        Perhaps unfortunately for you, some spitting spiders are very commonly found indoors. We used to regularly see them cruising around in our Entomology building office and fed them curly-wing Drosopila to see their spitting in action.

  1. I don’t recall ever hearing about social spiders until a couple days ago, browsing through your pictures as it happens. I can’t believe I’d never heard of them but they are exactly the kind of thing I would remember forever, as far as I know.

  2. I just came in from canoeing & we ran into a couple of webs (one literally) of spiders all living together on webs on sticks in the Kankakee River (near the bank).

    Do you have any idea what type of spider this might have been??

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