Share your photos!

About a year ago I was flattered to find that some French ant enthusiasts created an Alex Wild fan page on facebook. Yay- fame!

Then, they tagged me as an administrator. Wut?

To be honest, I’ve never been quite sure what to do with it. I’ve already got Myrmecos Blog. I twitter. I’ve got a private facebook page for drunk party videos social networking. What do I do with yet another slice of internet real estate?

Facebook is a community, it’s designed for sharing. So I propose we use my facebook space for just that. If you’ve got nice nature shots or videos, have a facebook account, and are looking for a venue, please feel free to post your stuff on the wall:

Alex Wild’s public facebook page

I’ll occasionally pull photos from the pool to feature on the blog, if you don’t mind. With full credit, of course. Here’s a lovely Asian Polyrhachis that Kurt (of Orion Mystery) shared earlier today:

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