Answer to the Monday Night Mystery

What was that dashing, color-coordinated tropical moth?

Erebidae (Arctiinae)

This mystery was difficult on two counts. First, it’s a tropical moth from a poorly documented fauna. Second, the family-level taxonomy of this group was just revised and the once-proud Arctiidae, the tiger moths, is now a mere subfamily (Arctiinae) in a larger Erebidae.

What was the genus? I’m not sure. There don’t seem to be any decent keys. But the wing venation had me 80% on Cosmosoma, and the moth also matches online photos for Loxophlebia. So I’ll take both for an answer until someone more knowledgeable shows up to tell us otherwise.

Points are awarded as follows: 6 each to JasonC and Ben Coulter, and 1 to Chris Grinter for the useful taxonomic summary.

Now. Time to tally our points for February. The monthly winner remains reigning mystery champion JasonC, with 21 points. Josh King (12 points) and Morgan Jackson (10 points) take second and third.

At some point we need to tie JasonC down until he reveals his entomological secrets.

8 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Night Mystery”

  1. I think I may go on hiatus for two months or so…though I admit it’s so hard to break my addiction. And yeah, I do have a life (sort of)…

    1. I don’t think Archimantis, probably Hierodula or Sphodromantis. I don’t know how big these mantises get, nor do I know the size of the mouse unfortunately. My impression is that mantids are poorly studied so keys are hard to find, if they exist.

  2. I don’t believe Arctiid’s aren’t a family; they are my FAVORITEs…harrumph. I don’t believe it without a tree. GIVE ME A TREE!

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