A Discussion of Blogging in Academia, March 7

For those of you here at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign:

The emerging role of social media in academia:
a panel discussion with Kate Clancy and Alex Wild

March 7 EcoLunch, 176 Burrill Hall

In my experience, academic scientists have been behind the curve in making use of social media (blogs, twitter, facebook, and so on). That’s changing, thankfully, and next week fellow Illini blogger Kate Clancy and I will hold an informal lunchtime discussion of the benefits and potential pitfalls of blogging in academia. Kate is a professor of anthropology and blogs at Context & Variation and many other places, and I… well, I suppose you know me already if you’re reading this here.

5 thoughts on “A Discussion of Blogging in Academia, March 7”

  1. Is there a possibility of filming the meeting and then put it in You Tube?
    It would be great to to listen the talking from far away (Brazil, in my case)!

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