An interesting pattern

My apologies for the slow blogging the last couple of days. My morning blogging hour was taken up not with the usual joyous reparté on natural history but with the drudgery of emailing copyright infringement notices to various companies that never bothered to ask if using my photographs to sell their products was ok.

I have noticed an intriguing pattern. Two of the most egregious categories of infringers are Islamic creationists and Christian pest control companies. Yet I haven’t found any troubles with Christian creationists- who are unfailingly professional in their photo requests- or Islamic pest control. Odd.

18 thoughts on “An interesting pattern”

  1. Not sure it’s all that odd.
    Christian creationist writers come from countries and work traditions, respectively, where copyrights are generally more respected, than do Muslim creationists or Christian pest controllers (who are not schooled in the norms of publication etiquette).

      1. Sheesh, not thinking on my fingertips very well today, so trying for the third and last time:

        Not sure it’s all that odd.
        Christian creationist writers come from countries and work traditions where copyrights are generally more honored, than do Muslim creationists or Christian pest controllers, respectively (neither well-schooled in the norms of publication etiquette).

    1. seriously, anecdotal information is …. well ….anecdotal.

      there might be a real pattern or there might be some type of bias.

      that’s why we try use the scientific method after we jump to a conclusion, make a leap of faith, make mountains out of molehills, and lift a fresh brew or 3 ! [and run stuff thru the TFI]

      1. Ba-da-bing!

        (more seriously, Christian pest control companies are the ones with statements of faith featured prominently on their contact pages, so that I read through them while searching for the webmaster’s email addy. For some reason, these are mostly in Texas.)

        1. in Champaign Urbana we have fundamental christian vacuum repairmen..jesus saves, ya know? I imagine there are christian fundamentalist (just about every service you could imagine)s

  2. Michael Suttkus, II

    I wish creationists, Christian and otherwise, would stop stealing my writing…

    I’m curious how you find people illegally borrowing your pictures? How do you search for a picture? (Though, I suppose, that might not be the kind of thing you want to state openly.)

    1. I mostly use Google’s image search for common terms related to my subject matter (“ants”, “ant control”, “termite exterminators”, “pavement ants”, etc). There’s no point worrying about obscure infringements- if I can’t find my images when I’m looking for them, chances are no one else will either.

      There’s also , but their database is still small enough to miss a lot of the internet.

  3. Don’t Islamic fundamentalists have a thing against depicting living things?

    Or is their quackery so utterly egregious they don’t even think invertebrates are alive? (It would not surprise me to learn this was actually the case.)

    1. considering the overall number, sects, and breadth of origins of muslims, I would think there is a over-full range of viewpoints, etc. from the ones who blow up images of bhudda (Taliban) to apostasy.

  4. sorry for just noticing it, and i think this is my favorite post of the week so far on any blog. I would in fact love a list of companies that have infringed your work; moving to AL, and entering a world of probable ant problems, I want to avoid these Co’s at all costs (or I could just use citrus oil, which has always worked to this point in my life). you should post these suckers on the web, it’d serve them right.

    1. also, I would like permission to freely impinge on your copyright for all of my future academic and professional needs


  5. Marc "Teleutotje" Van der Stappen

    In my country, I would have a legal claim as rasist against me within 5 minutes after putting this online, and it won’t be from Christians…

    So, I think what I think and leave no comments here… If you get my point…

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