Specimens needed: Crematogaster

Myrmecologist Bonnie Blaimer sends in the following request:

Dear colleagues,

Within my research on the historical biogeography of the Crematogaster of Madagascar, I am still expanding my molecular outgroup phylogeny consisting of non-Malagasy species of Crematogaster, especially from Africa and Asia. If you have relatively fresh Crematogaster specimens suitable for DNA (<5 years, collected into 95% EtOH) from Africa or Asia, and you would be willing to donate some for my project, please e-mail me. Species ID’s are not necessary, but a plus.

At the moment, I am particularly urgently searching for specimens for the following African and Indo-Asian species (and their associated subspecies) from the subgroup Oxygyne:

Described from India: Crematogaster aberrans, C. ebenina, C. soror, C. dalyi, C. travancorensis
Indonesia: C. butteli, C. daisyi, C. augusti
Africa: C. margaritae, C. donisthorpei, C. oscaris, C. trautweini

If you have material (or think you might have, but are not sure about the ID) for any of these species, I would greatly appreciate any specimens, even if they are not suitable for molecular work. Workers of this subgroup are hard to diagnose, but the queens are very unlike ‘regular’ Crematogaster queens: they have sickle-shaped mandibles with an enlarged apical tooth, other teeth are lacking or are comparatively reduced. If you have Crematogaster queens in your collection with mandibles that look anything like the image below, please let me know!


Bonnie Blaimer
e-mail: bbblaimer@ucdavis.edu

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