Monday Night Mystery: Who infiltrated the army?

An Eciton hamatum raiding column concentrates its forces on an unfortunate ant nest on the Amazonian forest floor:

A closer look reveals imposters running in the columns:

What are they?

Ten Myrmecos points to the first commentator to pick the family. The cumulative points winner for today through the month of February will win their choice of 1) an 8×10-sized print from my photo galleries, or 2) a guest post here on Myrmecos.

19 thoughts on “Monday Night Mystery: Who infiltrated the army?”

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  2. There’s a small “ant” in the middle of the picture that looks slightly smaller and with shorter antennae than the rest of the ants around it, but I don’t know whether that’s due to perspective or otherwise. I would say that it’s a staphylinid, but it almost seems too easy…

  3. I can’t see much but I thought I saw an Ichneumonidae silhouette. I also thought I saw a vague Reduviidae shadow, but these were all just passing impressions.

    1. Good, I wasn’t the only one to see a waspy-looking thing too. I took that as a male ant that was living in the ant nest that was being raided.

  4. Phew, I can’t really make out the bug in question well. But, going off of what I’ve heard before, it could be a Phoridae (Borgmeieriphora greigae is even known from this Eciton specifically) . The wingless females that are known to run in swarms of Eciton raids…

  5. There’s a Diapriinae on the dead leaf. It has a small head, a wasp-like thorax with a tegula but no wings, and appears to have a node on the petiole. The propodeum doesn’t seem to be long enough for Mimopria, and I can’t place the genus without a better photo. Just below the leaf is another guest that’s harder to see, with a broader head and larger eyes than an diapriid, but still has a constricted waist like a wasp.

    1. Yes, I’m a bit hung up on that one, too. The image is not clear enough to say it is an ant (say, something like Ectatomma) but it almost looks like a wasp, too.

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