Army Ant Week is Imminent!

Eciton burchellii, soldier

A reminder that Army Ant Week starts this Sunday here at Myrmecos. We’ll be bringing you shiny new photographs & videos from the field, coverage of army ant research, and a debunking of some of the sensationalist crap that passes for television documentaries. Be sure to visit!

9 thoughts on “Army Ant Week is Imminent!”

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  2. I can’t wait. Just posted to this Facebook. I have some army ants in my study sites. I collected a beautiful major of Labidus coecus last Spring.

  3. FormicidaeFantasy

    This isn’t really related to this post, but is there a legal AND easy way to take a collection of pinned/alcohol specimens across the border (e.g. from Costa Rica to the U.S.)? I’m plan on participating in an REU this coming summer and I’m sure I will find many ants and other insects that I would like to have in my collection!

    1. No, sadly.

      Getting preserved specimens into the U.S. isn’t a problem as the U.S. govt doesn’t care. It’s getting them out of Costa Rica that’s the problem. If you’ve got a serious research program (e.g., an NSF funded project) to collect, and you can deposit some vouchers in Costa Rica, and you have time to visit all the relevant offices, you may be able to obtain permits to do it legally.

      Chris Grinter has a handy summary of the permit process of many countries, including Costa Rica, here:

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