Sunday Night Movie: Keith the Wombat

This classic animal film is worth watching just for the soundtrack:

On a more personal note, I’ve found baby wombats to be the most adorable thing ever, even when they’re trying to eat my shirt:

4 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Keith the Wombat”

  1. I’ve always wondered why wombats like chewing on clothing. When I used to stay at the Wilson’s Prom field station and wander at night, one would invariably follow along trying to eat my bootlaces. I suppose trace salts would be a reasonable hypothesis.

    Cute they are though: bumbling a long and big enough to be impressive, but not so big or aggressive to be intimidating. Cute rectangular poo too. I wonder how they do it.

    Yep, I’d take shoelace chewing wombats over leeches or tigre snakes anyday.

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