Sunday Night Movie: On Board with the World’s Fastest Birds

From the BBC:


7 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: On Board with the World’s Fastest Birds”

  1. Marc "Teleutotje" Van der Stappen

    Unbelievable. One of my bigest wishes ever was to fly like one of those two. Will never be possible for me … like the commentator says, no plane like those was ever made and won’t be for a very long time.

    The way they filmed it with that little camera on the back of the bird, WOW!!!

  2. What amazes me is that they can see where they’re going. It is said that at least some insects that move very fast (tiger beetles) go momentarily blind when in a sprint. But these clearly cannot afford that!

    1. Marc "Teleutotje" Van der Stappen

      Else, it would be the end of the species!!! Did you hear of the pelegrine, if it bends it’s head, deadly finish for the bird….

      1. In fact, I just heard this about the closely related gyrfalcon recently. Apparently, while diving the whole body must be rotated with wing motions to keep the prey in sight, lest the head out of line disrupt the aerodynamics.

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