An Ant Diversity Sampler

[the following is a repost from Scienceblogs]

With 12,000 described species, ants dominate global terrestrial ecosystems. Here are a few of them.

Name: Nothomyrmecia macrops
Distribution: Australia
Famous for: The story of its rediscovery (As told by Bill Bryson)

Name: Dinoponera australis
Distribution: South America
Famous for: being the largest ant in the western hemisphere

Name: Polyergus sp.
Distribution: North America
Famous for: piracy, taking of prisoners

Name: Dorylus helvolus
Distribution: Africa
Famous for: terrorizing subterranean arthropods, taking of no prisoners

Name: Pogonomyrmex maricopa
Distribution: North America
Famous for: the most venemous sting of any North American insect

Name: Thaumatomyrmex atrox
Distribution: South America
Famous for: beguiling rarity, and amazing teeth

Name: Pseudomyrmex pallidus
Distribution: North & Central America
Famous for: its slender good looks

Name: Cephalotes atratus
Distribution: Central & South America
Famous for: gliding

Name: Atta sp.
Distribution: North, Central & South America
Famous for: monopolizing nature documentaries

Name: Solenopsis invicta
Distribution: North & South America
Famous for: general mayhem and loss of life

Name: Myrmecia piliventris
Distribution: Australia
Famous for: endangering Australians

Name: Odontomachus sp.
Distribution: South America
Famous for: general awesomeness involving jaws

Name: Oecophylla longinoda
Distribution: Africa
Famous for: exotic textiles, child labor, and organized torture of enemy combatants

Name: Amblyopone oregonensis
Distribution: North America
Famous for: drinking their children’s blood

Name: Solenopsis geminata
Distribution: worldwide
Famous for: having a big head for a reason

Name: Linepithema oblongum
Distribution: South America
Famous for: nothing, yet. But her sister is famous, so just you wait.

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  2. Thanks, Alex !! I always love a good picture book with a happy ending and where the prince and princess bugs ride off into the sunset.

    Seriously, great job.

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  4. this is great i was on here for a while looking at the ants.

    only think I wish you had was better descriptions cus the links though I was excited to click I was disappointed. It did not give me exactly what you said they were famous for so I read a little then bounced back here again.

    Like the one about the antz tourtoring other antz I thought only humans ddid that so I clicked but I did not give me the description like…

    “they do this to them and that to them and they kill them but they sit there just inflicting pain on them for some reason”

    but I did enjoy this page it’s very interesting and I like the photos alot

  5. Well collected samples in a really neat site.
    I’m particularly curious about the Dorylus helvolus or army ants in general. I wonder what purpose does that square head serves and what evolutionary track they had to trace to achieve this shape.

  6. Awesome site. I think “general mayhem” is the most accurate decription of S. invicta i’ve ever heard!

  7. Yo this is dope as shit! Ants are the shit and these pictures are awesome. Where did you find all of these species?
    Invicta “general mayhem and loss of life.”

    Are these as deadly as driver ants?

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