Myrmecos at Visuals Unlimited

As a business experiment I’ve submitted an assortment of photos to the high-end science/medical stock agency Visuals Unlimited. Photo users now have the option to license my images instantly through a third party instead of waiting for me to answer my email.

I had resisted joining an agency for years, as in the age of Google there is really no need for a middleman to sit between photographers and their clients. But I’m finding that an office of professionals ready to handle paperwork is quite helpful when I’m in the field. I still license directly, of course, but that’s no longer the only way to do it.

Also, they named me a Featured Wildlife Photographer, whereby I find myself flattered to be listed alongside such greats as Thomas Marent and Arthur Morris.

5 thoughts on “Myrmecos at Visuals Unlimited”

  1. Alex, I’m just curious as to whether you’ve been paid the royalties due to you from VU recently. I’ve been trying to get VU to pay up throughout this past year, and have received only one check from them, despite threats of a lawsuit for breach of contract.

  2. Apparently they are in a financial trouble. They lost contracts with major publishers due to lawsuits. No response to e-mails. Last meager payment was Nov 2015. Sad.

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