The Best of Myrmecos 2010

Earlier, I listed my favorite insect shots of the year from other photographers. Now it’s my turn. Here are my own best from 2010.

Lasioglossum bees gathering grass pollen

Isodontia wasp with a Strepsiptera parasite problem
Epic ant battle along the shore of Clinton Lake
Feeding the queen bee
Bumble bee among the Bergamots
An Australian strobe ant
Honey bee and New England Aster
A small hive beetle lurks in the comb
Odontomachus latidens, Borneo

16 thoughts on “The Best of Myrmecos 2010”

  1. What a great way to end 2010! Thanks for posting these wonderful shots Alex! Now, let’s get started on 2011 photographs!

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  3. Yes, so do I (love this picture of bees with pollen). Alex gave us this
    beautiful photograph for Christmas. One of many advantages of having
    Alex for a son! 🙂

    1. James.C. Trager

      such *a* good boy
      -I’m not a lousy typist — That was grandmother from the old country speaking. 😉

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