Macro photographer Thomas Shahan shares his secrets

Oklahoma-based nature photographer Thomas Shahan has some of the finest arthropod portraits on the web. Recently, he made a simply charming video about how it’s done:

You’d think that awesome beard might be part of the equation. Alas, no. Shahan’s method turns out to be good old perseverance.

(h/t bug whisperer)

8 thoughts on “Macro photographer Thomas Shahan shares his secrets”

    1. While I can’t speak for Shahan, I suspect ants are too active to suit his style of insect portraiture. The focus-stacking technique leads to some amazingly crisp close-up images, but it is only possible with subjects that sit still for several exposures.

  1. Shahan’s work is truly fantastic and his jumping spider portraiture is utterly unbelievable! Thanks for featuring Thomas’ work.

  2. Salticids are very curious spiders and if they won’t jump out of focus in the first moment they notice you they would sit and look what happens. They are really cute creatures when they watch something with turning their heads 🙂 But also they get anxious many times when they see a camera lens pointing at them. I can even imagine them murmurring some four letter words about paparazzis when you try to photograph them. 🙂

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