Leica’s light dome

This morning I’ve been playing with a demo version of Leica’s new dome diffuser, intended for softening the illumination in microscopy.

I must say, I’m impressed. While I can produce similar results cheaply with a DIY styrofoam cup diffuser, Leica’s system is much easier in practice. The flexible dome folds up, allowing for quick adjustments to the specimen without having to remove the entire diffusion system. That means I can image more specimens in the same amount of time. Here’s a sample:

Pheidole fimbriata (click to view large)

10 thoughts on “Leica’s light dome”

    1. Pretty impressive results with that stacking software.

      What do you think about the future of photography vs scientific illustration with all this newish photo-manipulation tech? substitute photo-tech for artistic skill ?

      1. Depends on the context. I prefer clean line drawings for some tasks (especially, keys), drawn illustrations for others, and these sorts of focus-stacked photos for online specimen databases.

        When it comes to speed and efficiency, it’s hard to beat these microscope images. But I wouldn’t rank them high insofar as artwork goes.

  1. We have been playing with this system at the MCZ. It looks nice, but it still exhibits the same problem as many other circular sources of light – the very center of the image receives the least amount of light, which makes it unnaturally dark.

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