Answer to the Monday Night Mystery

As deftly picked by Jason C., the aberrant ant is an African species, Technomyrmex schoedli. Ten points to Jason!

Plus, two humor points to Rob M for suggesting it might be a “Praying Antis”. That was terrible, Rob, but we’ll take it.

What is odd about T. schoedli? The gracile, elongate form and stretched appendages are out of place in that genus. It’s like an NBA player bred from a family of hobbits. Most Technomyrmex are stubby little ants, like so:

Technomyrmex schoedli is a young species, taxonomically speaking. It was described in 2007 as part of Barry Bolton’s ambitious revision of the world Technomyrmex fauna. The ant was named in honor of Stefan Schoedl, the talented Hymenoptera curator at the Vienna natural history museum who unexpected passed well before his time.

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