Sunday Night Movie: Popeye vs Termites

I’m not sure which is odder: that the insects look like little cats, or that they never gain any biomass even after chowing through several tons of lumber.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Popeye vs Termites”

  1. Both videos were fantastic!

    The termites remind me of my boss’s saying when I cowboyed in the Australian Outback: “Wood is good, but steel is unreal!” (There’s lots of termites there and we built corrals from welded steel)

    GREAT eats at that picnic…no matter how many times I pig out, I never get sick of it 😀

    Etch-A-Sketch was an awesome toy but I never played with Magnastiks…anyone??

  2. i have always held the image of the fleet of flying ant-planes in my head. there’s another great one involving mosquitos trying to sting a faceless dude on his porch…i’ll post the link if i can find it.

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