Enriching the blogroll

Need some new reading? Here are blogs I’ve started following over the past month:

6legs2many: Alison Bockoven, a student at Texas A&M, blogs her work with fire ants and other entomological musings. For a start, check out the silverfish.

Context & Variation: Kate Clancy is an Anthropology professor here at the University of Illinois, and C & V provides thoughtful scientific coverage of human behavior & reproductive issues.

Honey Bee Suite: Pacific northwest beekeeper Rusty’s blog carries timely apiculture tips along with various bee-related news.

Living with Insects: Jonathan Neal teaches entomology at Perdue, and his blog is a frequently updated trove of insect natural history.

Nature Closeups: You may know Troy Bartlett from the amazing bugguide.net. This is Troy’s blog.

Art Evans’ Facebook feed: Sure, Art also has a blog. But his public facebook page is a rapid-fire stream of relevant bug news and commentary.

Up Close with Nature: Kurt (aka Orion Mystery) expertly captures the Malaysian bug fauna.

Photo Naturalist: I can’t imagine a better site to introduce the art of nature photography than this excellent blog, co-written by Steve and Vic Berardi.

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