Monday Night Mystery: Pretending to be half-dead

Tonight’s challenge is a straight-up identification:

This caterpillar hides from predators by pretending to be a dead leaf, except for the bit that’s faking a living leaf. It was photographed last week on an oak tree here in Central Illinois.

Points will be awarded to the first person to guess the:

1. Family (4 pts)
2. Genus (3 pts)
3. Species (3 pts)

Remember that supporting information about identifying characteristics must be provided to get full credit.

As usual, the cumulative points winner for the month of September will win their choice of 1) any 8×10-sized print from my photo galleries, or 2) a guest post here at Myrmecos on a safe-for-work topic of their choosing.

6 thoughts on “Monday Night Mystery: Pretending to be half-dead”

  1. 1= Notodontidae
    2= Schizura
    3= ipomoeae

    Notodontidae cats tend to have this broken/jagged leaf appearance – they cut little circles out of the leaves and then sit in them to match the leaf edge. Also, the green band and the two large humps on the back make this stand out in the Schizura. It might appear to be S. unicornis, however that species lacks the distinct humps that this species does. Form Wagner “similar to S. unicornis, but with A5 distinctly humped”.

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