David Sloan Wilson on Nowak, Tarnita & Wilson

For those of you following the fireworks over this paper, David Sloan Wilson has a nuanced take on the inclusive fitness debate:

Few people who use inclusive fitness theory are aware of the long list of simplifying assumptions that result in Hamilton’s deceptively simple rule. Nowak et al. are performing a service to the evolutionary community by challenging the assumptions and forcing them to be openly discussed.

3 thoughts on “David Sloan Wilson on Nowak, Tarnita & Wilson”

  1. Another thing. I’m totally confused. I was taught how awesome inclusive fitness was and wasn’t taught much about group selection. So I don’t understand group selection at all! So I’m biased towards inclusive fitness.

  2. The great british physicist Lord Kelvin stated in 1900 (the year in which Max Planck discovered quantum mechanics and five years before Einstein discovered relativity) that nothing important rested to be discovered in physics and that the agenda of physics was to make more precise measurements of the quantities involved in the phenomena. At old age some great scientists are prone of equally great mistakes. The great naturalist Edward Wilson is perhaps in risc of being the more recent victim of this fate.

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