I don’t get Twitter. Really, I don’t. It seems like yet another technology-driven vehicle for wasting time, perhaps momentarily useful for journalists in the early stages of breaking news, but mostly a vortex of time-suck.

Such curmudgeonly instincts didn’t stop me from signing up for an account the other day, though:

Follow me if you like, but I make no promises about the quality or quantity of tweets.

7 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. I also have enough links to look at, and that is why I like twitter. I use it as a filter – links that appear enough times in my tweetstream are worth looking at. I follow people I trust to share only those links worth sharing.

  2. I’ve been curious about Twitter for a while now, but have resisted until I defend my thesis. I’d definitely like to hear your opinion of it after you get a good idea of its potential!

  3. I’ve tried it twice: once for personal logging (see ) and once during and right after iEvoBio. The first failed because not all tweets went through (twitter seems down much more than it should be) and because I was worried about data breaches (does the world need to know how many times I drink tea?), and the second, more traditional use, I found a few key people I followed tweeted far too much to keep up with and others tweeted very little. So, though I still have an account, I use it very rarely.

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