Ant genome update: should genome data be made available on publication?

It looks from here and here as though there are plans to make the new ant genomes available.

Here is Science Magazine’s data policy:

Data and materials availability. All data necessary to understand, assess, and extend the conclusions of the manuscript must be available to any reader of Science. After publication, all reasonable requests for materials must be fulfilled. Any restrictions on the availability of data or materials, including fees and original data obtained from other sources (Materials Transfer Agreements), must be disclosed to the editors upon submission. Fossils or other rare specimens must be deposited in a public museum or repository and available for research.

It sounds to me like the data should have been available- if not publically then somewhere behind Science’s subscription barrier- now that the paper is out. Am I being too stringent in my interpretation of “data?” Is Science not following its stated policy? Or am I missing something?

*update: what I’m missing is that NCBI timed the release of the data to coincide with the print version of the article, not the online version. The genomes are now released and available here:

Harpegnathos saltator:
Camponotus floridanus:

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