Answer to the Monday Night Mystery

What were those sonorous summer songs?

In spite of being “the toughest MNM yet,” several of you picked the correct answers. Five points each go to Scot for the scissor-grinder cicada Tibicen pruinosa, and to Ted MacRae for the jumping bush cricket Orocharis saltator.

An excellent resource for learning the singing insects of eastern North America is the Songs of Insects site. Lang Elliot and Wil Hershberger have assembled a library of clean recordings paired with sharp photographs- a real treasure for insect enthusiasts.

2 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Night Mystery”

  1. For this MNM, I clicked on the sound file, listened, and thought, “Hey, this is an easy one: it’s a field cricket. But wait, he said that there were two insects, and I only hear one . . .”

    Then I realized that I had the sound muted on the computer, and I was actually listening to one of the crickets that my wife is raising in the next room to feed to her tarantulas. Whoops.

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