A lady beetle pupates in time lapse…

…but the aphids steal the show:

As you may have noticed I’ve been experimenting recently with various forms of video. Time-lapse photography only requires a regular still camera, a tripod, and an interval timer, so it doesn’t need any video equipment save the software on the finishing end. The above clip is made from 1/2 second exposures taken every 4 seconds over a couple hours.

But time lapse is highly finicky in its own right. It wasn’t until after I viewed the video did I realize that the tripod wasn’t entirely stable (hence the occasional camera shake), and that I shouldn’t have left the camera on auto-white balance (hence the flickering). It’s a rather unforgiving medium, and I’ve still got plenty to learn.

5 thoughts on “A lady beetle pupates in time lapse…”

  1. Very cool!

    Rather beside the point, but I had no idea individual aphids moved around so much – I figured they pretty much just stayed put once they found a feeding site they liked.

  2. I have to agree with Ted, I didn’t think aphids moved around so much either. Was the leaf dried out?

    I saw a gizmo on the “This Old House” TV show once for taking time-lapse. They were taking photos of flowers opening, so I don’t know if it had much macro potential. As I remember it was relatively inexpensive and was waterproof.

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