Inside the Tallgrass Prairie

Lying on a trail through a prairie restoration at the UI Pollinatarium, looking up:

The plants are big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) and partridge pea (Chamaechrista fasciculata).

photo details:
Canon EOS 7D camera
Canon EF17-40 f/4L lens
ISO 100 f8.0 1/500 sec

3 thoughts on “Inside the Tallgrass Prairie”

  1. Nice view – something you can’t do in the short or even mid-grass prairie. The mimosa-like leaves had me flummoxed for a bit, until I realized I had learned them as Cassia.

    Thanks for the link to the Pollinitarium too. Nice to see such pollinator-oriented sites springing up everywhere (although I bet Federal money helps – it certainly did here). I spent much of the weekend trying to identify my backyard Bombus from photos using the British Museum Lucid key, Discover Life key, and BugGuide: at least 6 species, including four of Pyrobombus. However, I will probably need to collect drones of all to be sure. Still, compared to a couple of years ago, pollinator identification is now far more tractable.

  2. Yes, Dave — The erstwhile Cassia has been divided up, those remaining in Cassia being woody and tropical, and the herbaceous ones now residing in Chamaecrista and Senna.

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