A sampling of North American Ants

If you’ll direct your attention to the top-right of this blog, you should notice a new tab labeled North American Ants. It links to a page intended as a visual survey, at the genus level, of the various ants that inhabit the continent.

The more astute among you will notice a few missing genera. In spite of my best efforts, I have not had an opportunity to take stylized white-background shots of all our myrmecofauna.

The good news is that you can help. If you have access to live workers of any of the missing groups I would greatly appreciate a donation. I am especially embarrassed to have missed Stenamma, Dolichoderus, Leptothorax and Liometopum. Please email me (alwild -at- myrmecos.net) if you can assist, and I’ll repay you with a print of your choosing from the galleries.

3 thoughts on “A sampling of North American Ants”

  1. Mike N.W. Florida

    Sure would like to know which would be the “red” ant, or the “fire” ant, or the “sugar” ant, or the (not trying to be vulgar) “piss” ant, etc. and an object to show relative sizes.. like a dime beside them. Yep, I know it is a lot of work but I could look for days trying to find out what kind of tiny black ants that swarmed out of a little hole next to my hand and nearly covered it in less than a few seconds (and did that hurt). A scrub with Accent (meat tenderizer) and vinegar really stopped the pain.

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