An Interview with Myrmecos

Via our local indie mag, Smile Politely. Regarding Video vs. Still photography, a subject I’ve been meaning to blog:

There are also links on Wild’s blog to various documentary videos — ones on science in general and insects in particular. I asked him if taking still photos might lead to one day making ant-related movies. He replied, “I think a lot about it, because that’s where the industry is going.“

However, he feels that video requires a skill set that he’s still developing: “I’ve been shooting little videos and editing them, but I’m coming to realize that it’s not just pictures that move, it’s an entirely different genre,“ he said. “With a still picture, you capture a moment in time and present it to the viewer and they sort of have their own experience with it. But as soon as the picture starts moving, you’re involved in a very linear narrative and if you’re not driving it to the right place it seems wrong very quickly. There’s a sense of storytelling that’s a whole other talent.“

Read it in full.

3 thoughts on “An Interview with Myrmecos”

  1. Pretty decent interview and an entertaining story. Interesting that they picked taxonomic expertise on the Monday Night Mystery as the example of scientific content coming first – wouldn’t hurt to have a few university and other government administrators who understood that.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyable. There are many blogs at the moment about work/life balance. You certainly seem to have your insect/insect balance finely tuned.

  3. Both interviews were great!

    “When it comes to professional insect photography, a barrier to entry is scientific knowledge. You could produce the best ant photo ever, but if you can’t put a Latin name on it and describe the behavior, you’re unlikely to be able to sell it to the editorial market.

    I really see the photography as another way to market my PhD rather than my photography skills. If you look at the skill level of professional photographers out there, I’m nothing special. I just found a niche.”


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