Our intro to beekeeping class attracts media attention

Ned Mulka of the Daily Illini writes:

While most students heard the drone of vuvuzelas during the World Cup this summer, a few on campus found buzzing from a more natural source.

For the first time in 30 years, the University offered a class in beekeeping — Integrated Biology 496: Introduction to Beekeeping.

Instructor Alex Wild, a postdoctoral researcher in Entomology, gained experience in beekeeping while stationed in Paraguay in the late 1990s with the Peace Corps, helping subsistence farmers.

Read the whole thing, and don’t miss the slide show. Ned is talented photographer who didn’t seem to mind getting covered in bees while shooting our class last week.

6 thoughts on “Our intro to beekeeping class attracts media attention”

  1. The grading is a mix of exams, lab quizzes, and one paper. The honey harvest and the health of the hives have too many chance elements involved to be a fair criterion for scoring the students.

  2. All I have to say on this cool story, is that I have first hand knowledge of Alex’s beekeeping, honey harvesting experience and it began well before Paraguay in 1990. Glad to see you’re putting those skills to good use, bro.

  3. Alex, did you include our major honey harvesting goof of 1983 in your course? (We decided that a good place to extract the honey from our combs was on the wide-open front veranda of the house?!?! We must have attracted every bee within a ten mile radius…:-) Definitely a learning experience for all concerned….

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