Monday Night Mystery: A Queen’s Colors

Tonight’s mystery has plenty of buzz. Will you bee all you can bee? Or will you succumb to the sting of defeat?

Honey, here’s the challenge. What’s up with the color of that bee-yootiful queen?

Five points for explaining what the blue of her paint mark means, and five more for explaining why her body color is so unusually pale yellow. Points will only be awarded to the first correct guess in each category. (And, extra points to anyone who keeps the bee puns coming. Or is that a bad idea?)

The cumulative points winner for the month of August will win their choice of 1) any 8×10-sized print from my photo galleries, or 2) a guest post on a safe-for-work topic of their choosing here on Myrmecos.

9 thoughts on “Monday Night Mystery: A Queen’s Colors”

  1. Bah – color also refers to when they were born. Blue means something like Years ending in 1 and 6? (0 and 5?)

  2. Google searching has lead me to believe that the queen’s light pigmentation means:
    She’s a cordovan queen bee. Cordovans are used because they provide good genetic diversity to a hive. And, apparently, if you cross a Cordovan Queen with a Cordovan drone – you get mite resistance.

    The more you know.

  3. Clearly this is a hive owned by smurfs. Smurfs are also notoriously blue-color biased, hence their marked queens are always some shade of blue. Duh.

  4. See FB comments for first few. Where should I beegin? Honey, beelieve me I’m not pollen your leg, this won’t sting a bit. If I don’t stop winging it soon, you might send the zombees after me.

  5. The color is a mark put on by the keeper to keep track of the year the bee was introduzzzzed to the colony. Because the color of this girl’s mark is blue, the year ends with a 5 or a 0 (there are different colors to mark the different year endings).

    It’s important to mark the queen to ensure that she is the original queen you put in and to ensure no one is misbeehaving. (:!

  6. Beeing the busy bee I am, and as I have been beeternally flighty as of late, and as I forget yesterday was Mondapidae, but not, I assure you, because I was buzzed, I couldn’t come alhive for this mysterbee and beekeep up with my combpetitors (I’m not a beest at anserwing these anyways) – but comb on, I gave it a stab!

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