5 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Dawson’s Bees”

  1. I love David Attenborough’s documentaries. They’re so wholesome in detail.

    Hmmm, though didn’t Attenborough just make a mistake when he said that males sting at 2:43? And because males don’t sting, how did that one male die at 3:13?

    1. I heard and thought the same thing. I was going to leave a comment about that, but you beat me to it. My understanding is that stingers are modified ovipositors and so only females have them.

  2. I have to say that “Life” is about a zillion times better narrated by Attenborough than Oprah. I got so fed up with her voice, that I stopped watching after a few episodes, despite sensational filming!

    1. Hey, that’s nice blog you’ve got there, Tucker- I’ve added you straight to the blogroll!

      I really, really don’t get the Oprah thing.

  3. Oprah is not Attenborough, but think of it, arguably the most influential woman of African origin in the world narrating the series, I’m more than okay with that!

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