21 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Myrmecos”

  1. Hmmm, I like this format… like the old WordPress and the Scienceblogs mixed together. Hopefully we’ll being seeing this blog here for years to come! Viva la Myrmecos.net!

    1. It’s complete freedom here- I can change just about anything!

      Which is also kind of dangerous, I suppose. I’m also just a single coding mistake away from disaster.

    1. Thanks Geek! Myrmecos.net has been “home” for me for years already, so I may as well blog here too.

      Incidentally, I’ve been living my summer travels vicariously through your blogging of the great northern adventures. Glad you haven’t been eaten by any bears. Yet.

  2. I like your new home Alex, I hope you’d increase the pleasure of your readers here for a long-long time! 🙂

    1. That’s good to hear. I spent a good couple hours tiring that ant out, and was wondering by that point if the shot was even worth it. I could have watched some quality television in those two hours.

      1. Apparently the ant wasn’t too tired out to look down its nose – er, clypeus – at you!

        I’m with the rest, whatever the Opisthopsis may think, I like the new bloggy setting, and look forward to whatever you may create within it.

  3. Hey Alex!

    Love the new website, it’s very clean and organized…very well designed. Trust me a little on this I am a graphic designer ;).

    Looking forward to exploring this site. Good work!

  4. Henry Robison

    Great looking website Alex! Glad to see you back in control of your own site. looking forward to seeing many more posts and many more fantastic photos!

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