9 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Song of the Jumping Spider”

  1. pretty cool. it’s way easier to attract a human male with an unconscious attractive female. you don’t have to spin her or anything 🙂

  2. Nature is definitely one the best, uh, nature documentaries around, probably second only to whatever David Attenborough directs, and they’re always especially good with this particular narrator.

  3. Wow. I’d like to second Usagizero’s comment — jumping spiders do become more and more fascinating and awesome every time you learn more about them! Also, absolutely adorable…

  4. Joseph Spencer

    Damian was one of our lab’s student assistants when I was on a post-doc at University of Arizona in 1995. I brought Damian to Champaign for a seminar at the Illinois Natural History Survey back in March…it was fantastic with lots of really very spectacular recording and spectacular science.

  5. That was awesome. Thank you Alex! I thought for a few seconds they had put some background castanet and drums flamenco music to the male dance, but it was the male!

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