8 thoughts on “I study the wrong thing…”

  1. I like how seasonal ant searches are… plaguing the houses in the summer?

    Oddly enough, in California, we only had ‘problems’ with them in the winter, when they seemed to hide in the house from the rains or something, esp. during stormy weather. Not sure if that’s really what they were doing though…

    PS: Got The Lives of Ants. Noticed a familiar name in the photo credits =D

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  3. MrILoveTheAnts

    On a lost episode of Ant Chat (my podcast) we attempted to reanimate the head of a Roman Soldier in an efforts to figure out how Ant genera and species names are correctly properly pronounced in Latin. We got a lot of moaning and demands for brains… in the end we just buried the head out in the woods and never spoke of it again.

  4. Well, at least ants go up and down. Try ‘zombies, mites’ if you want to feel better.

    One does wonder what happened in the last quarter of 2008, though? Perhaps I should be looking for zombie repellents.

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