Monday Night Mystery

Tonight’s mystery is a straight-up Name That Bug:

From central Florida, the mystery insect

One point for picking the order, two points for family, five points for genus, and five points for species. [added in edit- you’ve got to be first in any one category].

And guess what? We’ve finally decided what to do with all these hard-earned Myrmecos Points!

At the end of every month, I’ll tally points from the preceding weeks and the winner will get to choose either:

-or, since so many of you are bloggers-

  • A freebie blog entry where the winner may use Myrmecos Blog to guest post on a topic of their choosing, provided it is reasonably Safe for Work.

This week’s results will be carried into April’s tally.

12 thoughts on “Monday Night Mystery”

  1. Aw, darn it, if only I didn’t forget to check right after school today again.

    Anyway, I’ll throw my hat in the Ormenaria rufifascia ring.

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