WebMD Taxonomy Fail

Not a fire ant.

But I’ll give ten Myrmecos () points to the first person who can identify what species it really is.

12 thoughts on “WebMD Taxonomy Fail”

    1. Bingo! Ten points for you.

      It isn’t clear from the picture to say for certain which of those two it is. I *think* it’s sayi, but decipiens would also fit.

  1. I like C. decipiens for this ant, becasue of its rather chinky head. The major of C. sayi has a somewhat less robust head. C. snellingi is out because of the lack or red or yellow on the gaster.

  2. Honestly…the biggest fails on that slideshow from my perspective(a primarily arachnid related one) are:

    1) Latrodectus – not a bug…and certainly not poisonous.
    2) Since when do Latrodectus have the ability to produce two fang marks that far apart! O_O I would love to see one capable of that…
    3) Loxoscelese bite – are we sure that isnt a necrotic infection?
    4) Scorpions in the USA… deadly AND poisonous. Who knew?! >_< (The only scorpion in the US that really has even a chance of causing death w/o an allergic reaction is the AZ bark, Centruroides sp., and even then only in small children/the elderly.)

    Ugh… maybe I should get out more…

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