Warm day = first ants of the year!

Also, my first ever video blog:

Watch the HD version if you can. The ants are actually visible, if you squint.

14 thoughts on “Warm day = first ants of the year!”

  1. MrIloveTheAnts

    Squint nothing! What type of camera are you using?

    The background is in focus with you walking up to the tree and I can still make out the ants in the foreground.

  2. You’re way ahead of us: our temperatures are still in the 40s, and there’s still over a foot of snow on the ground. We are finding some insects: my daughter caught a tiger moth caterpillar and a grasshopper nymph already. And the winter crane flies and cluster flies have been coming out in some numbers. No ants visible yet, though.

    1. I take that back – I spotted some ants today. Granted, they were *inside* one of the campus buildings (they were coming out of a small hole in a concrete-block wall to devour a dropped potato chip on the floor), but they were certainly ants!

  3. Yesterday, here in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I saw a northern flicker pecking enthusiastically at something on the ground only about ten feet away from me–usually flickers are too shy to let a human that close. I think the bird had found the first ants of spring too, and really seemed to relish them.

  4. Henry W. Robison

    Wow! This was welcome relief to the flu-like condition I have had for the past week! What a pleasant surprise to see you and the ants out cruising the campus Thanks a bunch! This sorta kick-starts my spring!

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