In 2009 the world’s macrophotographers- both amateur and professional- continued to capture breathtaking images of the arthropod microscape.  I’ve been bookmarking insect photos from around the web that catch my eye, and after spending some time this week reviewing the candidates I’ve selected nine favorites. Wow. These are the images from fellow photographers that most captured my imagination over the past year.

Together, by Jan Zajc

untitled, by Bonali Giuseppe

Frog beetle ready for take-off, by Alfred Preuss

Ants climbing tree, by Uros Kotnik

Water striders, by Clay Bolt

Eyes of a Holcocephala fusca Robber Fly, by Thomas Shahan

Eight-legged vaudeville, by Rick Lieder

untitled, by Igor Siwanowicz

Eucharitid wasp, by Rundstedt B. Rovillos

Last year’s picks are here.