Sunday Night Movie: Kinetic Sculpture

Theo Jansen’s amazing roaming artwork:

more here and here.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Kinetic Sculpture”

  1. Gorgeous kinetic sculpture! Unlike Pete, I can see the art in the engineering. But I do understand his perspecitive. The definition of art is very personal. Thanks for posting the movie.

  2. For anybody who wants to see more, Jansen’s website is at

    I bought one of his books (which was in dutch, but I see that now he has at least one book in english) and DVD through that site a while back, he has some very interesting things he’s made. Including a device to spray-paint a picture on a wall of whatever is standing in front of the wall at the time, and a practical-joke UFO that he and a bunch of co-conspirators flew over Delft one fine day.

    I’ve fooled around with paper versions of his leg mechanism (which is very elegant and smooth), but haven’t gone all-out and built a large walker yet.

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