Survivor: Invasive Ants

from an interview with Survivor contestant Kelly Sharbaugh:

When your name showed up, you looked flabbergasted, shocked, dumbfounded.
All of the above. I had no idea that Russell had the idol. When [host Jeff Probst] said my name, I was like. “What just happened? What did I do?” I was so emotional because I was so unprepared. I didn’t even wear my favorite boots to tribal because the thought that I could go never crossed my mind.

Did you ever get them back?
No, fire ants nested in them so I left them in Samoa and after the tsunami I’m pretty sure they got washed away.

Good for Kelly, I say, for helping stop the spread of pest ants.  When contestants are voted off the island, how many do you suppose check their luggage for invasive species?


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  1. Yes Kelly, let’s just pray for tsunamis to wash all those bad ants away…..leave your boots anywhere, anytime. There’s bound to be a natural disaster soon.

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