Why no blogging?

Sorry. I’ve been really, really busy with projects around the house and in the lab. And for the next few days I’ll be away at the Global Ant Project meeting in Chicago.

Blogging will resume after I return. With any luck there will be plenty of myrmecological gossip and photos to share of the meeting.

In the meantime, check out the new ant articles at Myrmecological News.  And don’t miss Roberto Keller’s discussion of ant eyes.

1 thought on “Why no blogging?”

  1. Have managed to photograph four species of ants this summer. I’m only interested to get them to genus. I’m using the pictures in the “Antweb field guide to the general of Arizona.” I’m retired and live in Gila, New Mexico north of Silver City so figured that would be the best source. I have one I think is a Myrmecocystus sp. but just realized I can’t attach an image. Enjoy your photography.

    Dick Nelson

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