Free to Good Molecular Lab: Proceratium silaceum

Proceratium silaceum, alate queen.

Last week at the Vermillion River Observatory I collected this alate queen of Proceratium silaceum, an odd and highly specialized subterranean predator of spider eggs.  Once I finished photographing the ant I pickled it in 100% ethanol.  The specimen should be in good shape for DNA work.

As Proceratium is both relatively uncommon and phylogenetically interesting, I thought I’d offer the specimen to any lab that might have use for it.  Contact me if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Free to Good Molecular Lab: Proceratium silaceum”

  1. But, but, why waste a perfectly good, complete and rare queen for DNA when any worker would do? 🙁

    Now, studies in comparative queen morphology will benefit greatly from the specimen! [waving arms high in the air]

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