Citronella Ants


Lasius claviger citronella ants
Vermillion River Observatory, Illinois

3 thoughts on “Citronella Ants”

  1. Michael Branstetter

    Do you know the distribution of the claviger group ants? I recently found a colony near Quer√©taro, Mexio. I don’t think they go much further south than that.

    And, why do they smell like citronella?

  2. Thanks for commenting, Michael. I do not know how far south these guys get- presumably their range will map to that of their host species, and that should be somewhere in Mexico…

    If I remember correctly, the citronella odor is an alarm pheromone from the mandibular gland.

  3. I have these in my basement. Around the base of the toilet. Also coming out the corner in the living room where two walls come togeather to form the outter walls for the bathroom where that toilet is. There is a shower in that corner in the bathroom. Any ways site after site I have come across they say that you will never see the workers inside the house. Only the winged reproductives. Well I have both that have come up into my house. I was wondering if there is any way I can rid my house of these little guys so I dont have to contend with them all winter. Oh yeah we also dident start seeing them until december 27/2011 and we did not see any at all we use our basement on a regular basis as a primary living room and a bathroom slash laundry room. Everywhere else has said only the winged ones come out in late fall and early spring. So are my adventures of first time home owning.

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