Like Ants? Like Beer?

Here’s your chance!

Anheuser-Busch has invited consumers to pitch ideas for a Bud TV spot that will run during the Chinese New Year in February 2010, Advertising Age reported Wednesday.

The spots must feature ants, which have starred in A-B commercials during the Chinese New Year for the past decade.

From five finalists picked Tuesday, judges will name the grand winner, who collects a $14,637 cash prize and gets to help produce the ad.

11 thoughts on “Like Ants? Like Beer?”

  1. Hey, I was hoping for some interesting beer that involved ants in the making!

    Is it possible to make ant alcohol? I mean, pretty much anything can be fermented, no? As long as there’s no nasty metabolic byproducts involved…

    All these experiments to run when no one’s looking…



  2. Roberto- yeah, I was tempted to make a snide comment about “beer” in the OP, but who knows how many loyal Bud drinkers I’d lose from my vast readership for such political incorrectitude.

  3. James C. Trager

    Through an acquaintance that works in the yeast lab at the A.B. plant, I have gotten to taste some of the experimental brews they have made. Not bad, but always in limited editions, and with plain black and white labels. (One hopes, not part of an evil plan to put all micro-breweries out of existence!) Anyway, they give a lot of money to non-profits, one of which I work for, so I can’t begrudge the fact that they make most of their money on taste-free beer.

    Anyone know what the connection between ants and Chinese New Year is?

  4. Innitially I thought maybe it was the ‘year of the ant’ in China or something like that, but its just a theme like they had with those frogs for bud light some years ago. Ants are pretty cool though – I wish they’d stop biting my toes!

  5. no i dont like ants in this summer i havent ant in my backyard and my kitchen but i like to crush them its just for fun in my court and she down!!!!!!I like to crush insects with my hig heel!!!!

  6. If you like ants and you like beer…NATCH! You must check out (Beer Ants) from AntimalHouse or Someone even made a vimeo because their catch phrase IS catchy!

    Same company makes Sno Ants, Army Ants, MutAnts, Surf Ants…very very cool.

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