Arizona Daily Star covers “Planet of the Ants”

A British film crew is in Arizona to film “Planet of the Ants,” a National Geographic Television documentary about the picnic-spoiling arthropods.
The filmmakers, who shot in Phoenix and Tucson over the past couple of weeks, are now in the town of Portal, near the New Mexico border, until Wednesday, when they’ll head back to England.
The leader of the crew, producer Martin Dohrn, director of the British production company Ammonite Ltd., said Arizona is a prime spot for ant filming.”
More here, and my photo essay on the filming is here.

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  1. Oh thank goodness! I was wondering what the documentary was called, searching for the name so I could watch it when it finally is finished.

    1. I do not watch much TV, Just read books, articles online and mod a few forums, but I might flip the tube on for this.

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